BST【Official】Easy access to Namba from share-house.

◇◆Share-house “BST” 1 month rent free Campaign in progress!!◆◇ ※Limited to those who have stayed for more than half a year. ※It will be free for the rent for the 6th month. contact us BST has opened since Sep 2016 and there are 18 individual rooms. The closest station from BST are Nishi-tengachaya Station of Nankai line (7 mins walk) and Hanazono Station of Subway Yotsubashi line (13 mins walk). It takes only 4 mins from Hanazono Station to Namba Station by subway.   BST is located at residencial area and more new houses and apartments has been built there. There are an elementary school and a middle school around BST・・・

ANGE【Official】Easy access to Umeda from share-house.

contact us “Ange” is located at at Asahi ward of Osaka city and it takes about 12 mins by walk from Senbayashi-Omiya station (subway Tanimachi line). There are Asahi Ward community center, library, post office and supermarket. they can go to Umeda for 20 mins by bicycle.   “Ange” is at residencial area and quiet shared house. It has 6 individual rooms and homey atmosphere.   “Ange” and “Shojuen” is close so sometimes home party and BBQ party are held together. Living environment is good but the price is reasonable. Detail about ANGE Location Osaka-shi, Osaka Asahi-ku, Nakamiya 4 Available Male OK, Female OK, Foreiners OK. <For Japanese> Need ID document or・・・

Shojuen【Official】Easy access to Kyobashi from share-house.

contact us Shojuen is located at Asahi-ward, Osaka city and very convenient because they can use 2 lines (5 mins walk to Keihan railways and subway Tanimachi line).   There is one of major shopping arcade called “Senbayashi shotengai”, which has many kinds of shops such as glosery stores and daily nessesity shops, pharmacy stores, restaurants and cafes etc. These shops at this arcade are cheap so many people go shopping there. These days fashionable bars and cafes has opened around there.   The outlook of “Shojuen” looks like an old udon noodle restaurant or an old general store but you can feel retro, fashionable, and kawaii once you see・・・