a share house in osaka 1

 The landload wandered around Osaka and finally could find a place for a nice share-house.
He revived these ruined buildings and they became completely renovated with remaining retro feel.

He has accepted various type of people with multiple backgrounds,such as the sociable, the fashionable, the travel lovers and people from different countries.

We all stay here and share not only facilities but also more precious things with other residents.
Please let us know when you become interested in our share-house.
We and our unique residents are looking forward to hearing your contact.

Have a nice share!

More people, more minds. Hope everybody is enjoying their lifestyle!

Please let us introduce
our share-house

CRIB <クリブ>
Rent/month : 25,000~
The nearby station:
Doubutsuenmae(1mins on foot)

Shin-Imamiya(6mins on foot)
Tennoji(11mins on foot)

ben ten-en

ben ten <ベンテン>
Rent/month : 29,000~
The nearby station:
bentencho (10mins on foot)

⇒Bentencho to Osaka(2mins by train)
⇒Bentencho to Nishikujo(9mins by train)


Shojuen <ショウジュエン>
Rent/month : 25,000~
The nearby station: Senbayashioomiya (4mins on foot)
Senbayashioomiya to Higashiumeda (11mins by train)
Morishoji (5mins on foot)
⇒Morishoji to Kyobashi (6mins by train)

We are looking forward to having a new and
wonderful resident in our share-house!

have a nice share1

have a nice share 2


have a nice share 3have a nice share 4

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