Privacy policy

Magico co., (hereinafter referred to as “magico”, “we” and “our” ) fixes personal information protection policy and establishes personal information protection management system below.

All of employees are committed to recognize the importance of personal information protection and manage this policy thoroughly so that magico promotes personal information protection.


◆Protection of personal information

Magico endeavors to ensure that personal data in its possession is kept accurate and up to date as much as possible.


◆How we use information we collect

We use the information to send E-mail and the document as an answer from our customers.


◆No disclose or No provide personal data to a third party

Magico manages the information we collect from its customers properly and will not disclose or provide personal data to a third party.

  • With your consent
  • incase that we open the information to the company where we deligate the service for our customers
  • For legal reasons


◆Security measures of personal information

Magico take through security measures to ensure accuracy and safety of personal information.


◆Referral by the Principa

In case a customer wishes to access, modify or delete one’s personal information that is under our management, we will respond to such requests accordingly by confirming the identification of such customer.


◆Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Standards, and Incidental Revisions

The Company complies with the Japanese laws, regulations and other applicable standards pertaining to the protection of personal information and revises the Policy as needed from time to time to enhance its compliance.



Please use the following contact details to make any inquiry regarding Magico’s Privacy Policy.


magico co.,

3-11-6, Noe, Joto-Ku, Osaka-Shi, Osaka-Fu, Japan, 536-0006 (ZIp Code)



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